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Who, what, why Allcomm





Allcomm is not your average day to day telecoms company. We don’t drop a box and disappear. We don’t supply a product, even less one you don’t need nor understand.

Allcomm is the only company in our product focused industries, that supplies a service.

Allcomm’s approach to business and our clients, you, is different in the way that our focus is client first, and product is merely a way to get you where you want to


Allcomm focuses on efficiency, cost effectiveness, and most importantly, the Rands left in your pocket at the end of the month.

Our references speak for themselves, we know what we doing. Instead of talking all day about what we have done, what we are doing, and what we can do, we go out and do it.

Step inside, and see for yourself, why Allcomm is the preferred single point of contact for many of our clients.

How Allcomm does what we do.


If you feel you need to make use of this service for your business, we cover telecoms, printing, IT, time and attendance, surveillance, security, public address, fire and evacuation


Without releasing any secrets to what Allcomm does best prior to our meeting.

An executive of Allcomm will book an appointment to come and see you, free of any obligation, guilt or charge.

The executive will provide you with a list of requirements to have ready at his or her disposal for your appointment.

The executive will then analyse the information supplied, depending on time constraints and volume of info supplied, either at your office, or at ours.

The executive will proceed to ask you questions relevant to your business in terms of its operations, strong points, weak points, process flows, potential problem areas as well as possible solutions.

Upon revising the information obtained from you, the client; the hard copies, questions asked, and site inspection or walkthrough, the executive will prepare a proposal based upon that information.

The proposal will attend to:

  • Your “Problem Areas” with viable solutions
  • Your “High Cost Areas” with potential cost savings without decreasing productivity or efficiency
  • Increase productivity and / or efficiency

Once the proposal has been completed and delivered to you, Allcomm will formulate an implementation plan for you based upon when your requirements are to be met.

Allcomm runs an ethically above board business, therefore, not at any stage during the process are you obliged to accept the proposal until an order has been signed.