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Allcomm has been in the least cost routing industry since the introduction of Premicell Routers into the market. It goes without saying, that we know what we are doing.

The times of Sim Card Premicel Routers is nearing its final end, and Voip is the preferred alternative.

Allcomm has awaited their entry into the voip market until the all the main problems were solved. Many companies paid their dues and learnt the lessons they needed to learn. After some strenuous research, several meetings and many discussions, Allcomm has selected OculusIP as our preferred supplier, who offers the highest quality of service, flexibility, and technological advancement and investment into their Voip network.

Advantages of Voip versus Premicell:

  • One rate for all cellular calls
  • No Bundles, pay for what you use (Unused Minutes increases your Cell Rate)
  • No contract fees to pay when you are on holiday
  • Better Cellular Rate than Premicells
  • No Bad Reception problems with Cell networks
  • Personalised Service, no long call centre ques and IVR, direct contact for any queries.

Advantages of Voip versus Telkom:

  • Per Second Billing
  • Month to Month Contract
  • Better Rates than Telkom, even to Telkom numbers
  • Higher Quality of Service than Telkom.
  • Technicians respond immediately to a problem
  • Number for life, never lose your number when you move

Advantage of Allcomm and OculusIP Voip versus other Voip Suppliers:

  • Call Back Facility (Few Voip suppliers have been able to accommodate this feature, which was the last facility still keeping premicells in the market, OculusIP and Allcomm effectively provides call back)
  • Track record of clients using the Voip Service, small and large clients
  • Universal hardware. The hardware we use can be used by any Voip Supplier
  • Number Portability. The ability to port your Telephone Number to our Voip Service
  • Per Second Billing.
  • No Internet Service Provider account required
  • Higher Security measures are taken to ensure prevention of hacking
  • Our Voip assists in creating a Hosted Pabx Solution from your Main office, using your Current Pabx (There is certain limitations to this solution)
  • Every Reduction in Interconnect rates enforced by Icasa, our Voip pricing adjusts accordingly
  • Diginet line ensures 10min restoration time in case of any downtime