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CMSI is a PC Bases Software package that provides you with meaningful data concerning your Telephone Calling Records and Patterns.


CMSI is installed on a PC that will be connected to your Pabx. As illustrated in the graph below.



This will enable the user to extract information regarding every call that has come into the pabx, or gone out.
Multiple users can have access to CMSI as well, connected via your office network.

Why do you need CMSI?

A Telephone Management System is designed to help you take control of your Telecoms expenditure. Everyone understands that the costs of Telephone calls can increase exponentially when unmonitored.
The information you receive from CMSI will enable you to ensure that you can monitor your calls, compare them to other users, and even facilitate Sales Training by monitoring call volumes of each Sales Consultant versus their appointments made, and sales closed. Coupled with a Voice Recording unit, CMSI can be the most effective Sales Training tool.

Benefits of using CMSI in your business:

  • Reduced abuse of Telephone Services
  • Sales Training (Best Coupled with Voice Recording)
  • Call Concurrency monitoring ( Useful in determining the amount of required telephone lines)
  • Monitoring usage of infrastructure – the ability to recognize if you need all the lines and services you are paying for.
  • Accurate record of high cost call volumes to suppliers, clients, and branches
  • The ability to shop around for call rates as accurate call records will be available
  • Average time spent on calls
  • Average amount of calls not answered
  • The average time taken to answer calls, either by extension or generally
  • If you bill your clients for time, CMSI will extract for you the records to that client, and bill accordingly for time
  • Integration into Hotel Management Packages, so that you can bill directly to your clients room
  • Allow Calling Budgets  for your employees, and lock the employee should they exceed their calling budget

CMSI is an advanced package designed for every business, from the small Home Based business, to the SME and Corporate who has several branches across the country and needs to control their business.

Any business who does not monitor and control their Telephone expenditure, is leaving a wide door open for abuse and fraudulent activities on their telecoms costs.

Allcomm with CMSI, will assist you in controlling your Telecoms expenses, abuse there of, and effective utilisation of installed infrastructure to allow for the best return on your investment into your Telecoms Infrastructure.

The Following Reports is available on CMSI:

  • Site Summary
  • Tope 50 Calls by Duration sorted by Department
  • Site Usage
  • Top 50 calls by Cost sorted by Department
  • Division Department summary Top 50 calls by Durantion sorted by Extension
  • Division Department Summary Totals
  • Top 50 Calls by Cost sorted by Extension
  • Division Extesnion Summary
  • Top 50 most expensive Extension
  • Account Detailed
  • Line Number Summary
  • Account Summary
  • Line Number Detailed
  • Expanded Account Summary
  • Line Traffic Expanded Account Detailed
  • Line Traffic Summary (Graphic)
  • User Code Summary
  • Incoming Calls Summary
  • User Code Detailed
  • Incoming Calls Detailed
  • Extension and Number Dialed Detailed
  • Unanswered Incoming Calls
  • Extension and Number Dialed Summary
  • Internal Call Summary
  • Extension Detailed
  • Internal Call Detailed
  • Extension Summary
  • Department Cost Allocation
  • Extension Summary Totals
  • Auto Attendant Detailed
  • Department Detailed
  • Department Detailed Totals
  • Department Summary
  • Department Summary Totals
  • Call cost by Deparment (Graphic)
  • Number Dialed Detailed
  • Number Dialed Summary
  • Number Dialed Summary (Graphic)
  • Authorized Number Summary
  • Authorized Number Detailed
  • Date & Time

For more information, or a quote please contact us via our contact sheet or email, and an Allcomm representative will get back to you within 24 hours.

The Web TMS is a Web Based Telephone Management System.

The Web TMS does not require a PC, no installation of Software is required, just customization of your site specific details.
All the advantages of CMSI PC Based solution, with added features such as being Web Based.

Advantages of The Web TMS over CMSI:

  • Assisted Management by Allcomm - Experts can now manage your telecoms expenditure
  • Log in and draw your own records from any PC any where
  • Multiple user Access
  • No Re-license fees should your PC crash, pick up a virus, or when you need your TMS moved to another PC
  • Month to Month contract

The Following Features are available with The Web TMS:

  • Access the system via a website using an internet browser
  • Log in securely from anywhere in the world via a pc using the Internet
  • Low monthly cost
  • Easy to use and configure
  • Compatible with all brands of PABX including IP based and CISCO
  • No dedicated PC or management software required on clients premises
  • No software upgrade costs every few years
  • No client licenses required
  • No re-licensing issues
  • No code or costing table updates required
  • Multiple sites per company
  • Supports multiple cost/code tables
  • Supports customised costing tables
  • Option to export call records in real time via a RS232 Port on the Buffer
  • Call threshold limits with email notification based on call cost or duration
  • Daily Line/Trunk non-usage monitoring
  • Import Alarm. Email or SMS notification if no call records have been received
  • On site Buffer with 2 Meg memory which can store approximately 48,000 records
  • Edit tables i.e extensions, departments, accounts, authorised numbers, divisions, lines, pin, routes
  • Reports can be generated and previewed immediately or scheduled and automatically emailed in PDF format at a specified date, time and/or interval
  • Previewed reports may be printed from the browser or exported to PDF, Excel, Word or Rich Text formats
  • Different access levels can be set by the company administrator to restrict user access to certain features and information
  • Budget limits can be allocated to the company, sites, extensions, departments, lines and accounts
  • Budget status can be viewed realtime via the web browser
  • Budget over limit alerts can be sent out via email and/or sms
  • Budget activated Extension barring (certain data buffers only)