Allcomm has gone Gold for Childhood Cancer Awareness Month!



Allcomm is proud to Launch the new 3CX IP PABX, contact us for more information!!





Allcomm goes about service delivery, we strive to give you the best service possibly available in the market. There is a quote that says: " The sweetness of a good price is long forgotten after the receipt of bad service", so by Allcomm you pay for what you get.

We do however believe that we are still among the most cost effictive companies in the Telecoms industry, as we understand the cost effectiveness in business. Furthermore understanding the functioning of businesses we have also mastered the following services, this will most definatley add that extra nodge to your company and ensure you are saving costs at all time, but also ensure the professional etiquette of your company. The services include:

  • Application and Follow ups of Land line services
  • Sms services
  • Telecoms Audits
  • Telephone Etiquette

Over and above this all we are there to guide you and assist you in the industry, we will never advice you into something that will give you problems at a later stage, but at all times we will make sure that the requirements are met.

We are also always open to positive critism, and take it openly to be able to improve and keep you happy.