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Why Telephone Etiquette?



Would you like to change your first most important contact from this


to this



The Telephone Instrument is the most frequently used equipment in

any business, yet the least attention is given to detail and importance.  In most cases the caller will never visit your company, but will build a relationship with a “voice” on the other side of the call.   “Your voice” will determine the relationship your caller will have with you and your company, being it good or bad.


How often do we make an assumption within the first few seconds of speaking to somebody on the phone,  that we either want to put the phone down as quickly as possible, or we would like to meet this person on the other side of the phone?  Why does that happen?


It is the tone of their voice, the emphasis, the enthusiasm and the timing in their voice, which subconsciously makes the decision for us what our reactions will be. The tone of your voice, and the way you speak to somebody over the phone………. IS YOU!!!  It’s not what you say, but HOW you say it. 


We at Allcomm have realized the value in exceptional communication skills, that we offer a “Telephone Etiquette”


What you will receive from Allcomm:

  •  Pre-avaluation of candidates
  • 4 Hour Training Personal Training
  • Character Identification
  • Workbook
  • Post Evaluation
  • Certificate of completion